Honda CRF 250 RALLY pannier racks + top case rack full set

SKU GP3400169-V2

Honda CRF 250 RALLY pannier racks + rear rack full set
UK seller UK stock UK stock
Fits between 2017-2020
The rack set includes mounting hardware
Color black
Electrostatic coating
Pannier rack made of tubular metal/Rear rack monoblock in one piece CNC cut
Lightweight, solid structure, high strength
Possibly the lightest rack set available for the CRF250 Rally
High-grade aluminum material chosen because of its extreme suitability for abrasion and impact resistance bearing in mind the full weight of the bike and rider
Total weight 5.7KG
No cut or plastic fairing modifications required
Allows plenty of ways to tie down your load
The seat can be opened without rack removal
The toolbox cover may not be opened after installing the pannier rack
Please note: Installation instructions are not included (Adjustment may be required during installation)

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