Honda Innova 125i rear and middle center racks pair 08-13


Honda Innova 125i rear and middle center rack pair set 08-13
Increase the capacity of your bike when you need to carry an extra load.
You will receive 2 racks, one for the rear, one for center
Fits between 2008-2013 only
Free UK shipping UK seller UK stock
Stainless powder coated to ensure long life
Bar thickness 22 mm, wall thickness 1.5 mm
The supplier does not provide the installation instructions
Mounts with original bolts on the bike (Note: Normally the middle rack fits together with the existing screws. However, you will receive slightly longer spare screws together with the item in case longer screws are required)
As with most of the aftermarket products sometimes small adjustments/modifications can be required to fit.
The middle rack benefit from inherent flex and once one or more mounting points have been loosely attached, it is possible to flex another mounting point into alignment.

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