Honda Integra NC 750D rear fender chain guard mudguard 14-20

  • Honda Integra NC 750D rear fender chain guard mudguard
  • Fits 2014-2020                                                             
  • Made from composite material                                                                                
  • Free UK delivery
  • UK seller UK stock                                                                                      
  • Protects and keeps your bike clean from road debris              
  • Improves mud protection and keeps the motorcycle cleaner
  • Optimal cover of the rear wheel, greatly improved splash protection
  • Sporty stylish design, adapts perfectly to the motorbike
  • Allowed in road traffic by vehicle registration                                                                                                                                     
  • No modification needed                                                                                  
  • European made                                                         
  • All pre-drilled and ready to install
  • Quick and easy installation –no drilling or cutting required            
  • No fitting instruction

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