Honda NC 750X pannier rack and rear rack full set 12-20

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HONDA NC 700S 750S 700X 750X pannier rack and rear rack set 

Fits between 2012-20 all NCX NCS

Manufactured on steel iron-based, very solid reliable

Panniers: Tube diameter 16 mm, wall thickness 2 mm

Rear rack: Bracket thickness 5 mm, plate thickness 3 mm

Color black

Reliable and easy to use

All the parts needed to mount the racks are included

Laser-cut rear rack with durable powder texture coat to ensure long-life

No drilling required

Including fitting kit (Installation instructions not included)

Net weight 5 kg

Free UK shipping UK seller UK stock

Packing includes 1 rear rack plate – 2 side pannier racks - fitting kit - 3 support brackets

Adjustment may be required during installation

These parts have been produced professionally in a specialist metal fabrication facility and consistent dimensions have been achieved by the use of jigs during the assembly process. However, please note that some misalignment of mounting points may occur in large welded components of this kind. Fortunately, these tubular parts benefit from inherent flex and once one or more mounting points have been loosely attached, it is possible to flex another mounting point into alignment.

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