Honda NC 750X/NC750S/NC700X/NC700S/NC700D/NC750D rear+panier rack set 12-20

  • HONDA NC 750X/NC750S/NC700X/NC700S/NC700D/NC750D rear rack&pannier rack set
  • Universal top case and panniers rack set designed for your bike, you can install most of the universal any top case on your bike. 
  • * Rear rack fits any universal plastic or metal top case, pannier racks suitable only for soft bag      
  • * Fits 2012-20 all NCX, NCS and NCD Integra models between 2012-2013 only  
  • * Manufactured on iron metal based, very solid reliable   
  • * Tube diameter 16 mm, wall thickness 2 mm                                                   
  • * European made, stylish aesthetic appearance   
  • * Color black 
  • *  Reliable and ease of use
  • *  All the parts needed to mount the racks are included                                                                                        
  • * Laser cut with durable powder texture coat to ensure long-life                  
  • * Recommended Maximum load for rear rack 6 kg, panniers each 4 kg
  • * No drilling requires at all  
  • * Easy to install
  • * Including fitting kit ( No fitting instruction, recommend professional fitting )
  • * Net weight  5,2 kg                                                          
  • * Free UK shipping UK seller UK stock       
  • * Packing includes 1 rear rack – 2 side pannier racks - 1 fitting kit - 3 support bracket
  • INSTALLATION: *Place the all brackets first.  * Screw down loosely DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.  * Tighten each screw step by step safely. * Do not tighten just one screw, please tighten each screw gradually and go next. * Once you notice each screw goes to holes than tighten. You will see all screws matches each mount points.  * You can adjust the position slightly before tightening the bolts so the racks fits correctly and does not touch other parts. * Please feel free for any further question

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