Honda PCX 125/150 hand guard protector pair 2014-17 European made

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SKU GP3400682-V01
  • Honda PCX 125/150 hand guard protector pair
  • Fits between 2014 2017
  • Colour smoke, black or clear 
  • European made
  • Perfectly reducing wind resistance, protecting your hands while riding
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic,wind resistant
  • Light weight, perfectly match your handlebars
  • Comes with mounting bracket and necessary installation kits
  • Functional protect rider hands while riding
  • Reduce your hands or fingers fatigue
  • Protect your hands from rocks, mud and cold wind
  • With enough spaces for brake control and other devices
  • Screws and connection points are reinforced with carbon fiber
  • Free UK shipping UK seller UK stock
  • Easy to install without instructions

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