Honda PCX 125 crash bars guard protectors 18-20 only

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SKU GP3401733

Honda PCX 125 crash bars guard protectors 18-20 only
Fits PCX 125 between 2018-2020 only (Some bikes are late registered, for example, you may have a 2017 model on a 2018 plate, so you need the 2017 model part)
Made of steel tube, black electrostatic coated
Designed to absorb some of the impacts
The crash bars are designed to preserve the fairings of your PCX 125 in the event of a tip-over, fall, or slide
We recommend professional installation to ensure safe fitment
Including fitting kit and instructions
Free UK delivery, UK seller UK stock
No EU approval or safety certification
Weight 3.5 KG
If you do not have enough experience with the installation you may need to apply to the local garage and please consider this cost. If you do not want to be involved in the installation process under these circumstances, please do not order.
- Place one of the bars and screw it loosely. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
- May require adjustments to the position of both sides to find the correct alignment.
- The mounting gap of the guard is kept tight to avoid looseness. Please be careful not to scratch your fairing during installation.
-Require removing some fairings for the installation.

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