SYM Jet14 crash bar cover bumper guard protector 2018-2020

SKU GP16020100101775

SYM Jet14 crash bar cover bumper guard protector 2018-2020

Fits between 2018-2020

Solid iron finish

Black coated

Weight 4.2 kg

Bar tube thickness 2 mm

Designed to absorb some of the impacts

Designed to preserve the fairings of your Jet 14 in the event of a tip-over, fall, or slide

Helps prevent damage to the outside edge of the scooters fairing and running boards

Accident damage coverage for the side of the scooter is offered with a footboard protector that mounts along the edge of the pillion footboards, a rear side of guard to cover the rear panels of the scooter

We recommend professional installation to ensure safe fitment

Including fitting kit

Free collection available

Suitable for driving schools

UK seller UK stock


Please note that there is no fitting instruction. You may need to apply to the service for installation and please consider this cost. If you do not want to be involved in the installation process under these circumstances, please do not order.


- Place one of the bars and screw it loosely. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

- You can adjust the position of both sides to find the correct alignment.

-You may need to adjust the crash bar for symmetrical alignment during installation. The protection bar made of tubular material may not be completely symmetrical on its right and left sides after assembly. (The gap difference left and right side to the fairing maybe around a couple of millimeters) In this case, you may need to adjust the bar positioning slightly. The crash bar is flexible enough for this process.

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