Yamaha Delight 115 full fairing guard crash bar 17-20

SKU ac09cd009-977new

Yamaha Delight 115 full fairing guard crash bar 17-20

Fits between 2017-2020

The solid iron finish

Covers your bike 360

Mat black coated

Bar thickness 16 mm, wall thickness 1.5 mm

Designed to absorb some of the impact

Full crash bar fairing guard is designed to preserve the fairings of your bike in the event of a tip over, all or slide

Helps prevent damage to the outside edge of the scooters fairing and running boards

Accident damage coverage for the side of the scooter is offered with a foot board protector that

mounts along the edge of the pillion foot boards, a rear side of guard to cover the rear panels of the bike

We recommend professional installation to ensure safe fitment

Please note no fitting instruction (Adjustments may be required, a person holding the other end of the guards during installation and some general tools. If you do not wish to be involved in the installation process under these conditions, please do not place an order)

Including fitting kit

UK seller, UK stock

Made in Turkey

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