Yamaha MT07 tank/knees/gas cap pads cyberpunk set 18-20


Yamaha MT07 tank/knee/gas cap pads cyberpunk protections 18-20

Note: You will receive protections in cyberpunk color as seen in the first listing photo. 

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Calibrex patented fit-perfect frame design

Enhanced for fit Yamaha MT07 between 2018-2020

High-definition printed, striking details and colors

Scratch durable high gloss crystal gel layer

No bubbles, non-yellowing

Powered with non-solvent paint friendly durable vinyl

No lifting, strong against sun, water, and gas

Softness and flexibility, water and UV-resistant material does not turn yellow

Gel Layer 4mm


1-Apply product between 10-30. If necessary use a hair blower to warm it.

2-Please wash the area that needs to get sticky with detergent, water and dry it out.

3-Make sure it's cleaned out from oil, gas, and dust.

4-Then take the product from the surface using the transporter paper.

5-Make sure alignment is centered then apply product slowly from top to bottom.

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