MT125 windscreen Yamaha MT 125 tall 45 cm windshield smoke 14-19

SKU GP3400489

Yamaha MT125 windscreen MT 125 tall 45 cm windshield smoke 14-19
Fits between 2014-2019 only (does not fit 2020 and onwards)
Color smoke
Made of high-impact acrylic
Length 45 cm, width 35 cm, thickness 3.5 mm
Possibly the tallest windscreen available for the MT125
Better wind protection and visibility for a more comfortable safe ride
Free UK delivery, UK seller UK stock
European made, brand GP Kompozit
The supplier does not provide installation instruction

NOTE FOR THE INSTALLATION: Please leave all screws loosely and try to install the screws simultaneously on both sides with another person's help. Do not fully tighten the screws until it is ensured that the windscreen is correctly attached and aligned. Screw down the bottom side first and leave it loosely, then screw down the top side. Once you match the holes to the mounting points then tighten the screws step by step. If you still notice that you have still some gaps/tightness please try to slightly bend the windscreen or stretch it out. The windscreen is made of acrylic and is flexible enough.

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