Yamaha Tenere700 side wind deflectors pair 2019-23 clear

SKU GP3401556-V03

Yamaha Tenere700 side wind deflectors pair clear
Fits between 2019-23
Color Clear
Thickness 3.5 mm
Dimensions; 28x27.5 cm
Helps to deflect rocks, wind, and bugs on both sides of the bike
Improve the driving comfort
Helps optimum wind pressure relief
Helps to deflect the airflow away from the rider's torso
These flaps effectively help to protect the rider from wind and weather influences that flow off to the side of the cockpit and reliably help to prevent turbulence in this area
Aftermarket product, brand GP Kompozit
Free UK shipping, UK seller, UK stock
Note: This item may NOT be compatible with some windscreens, please make sure you have enough space before placing an order. Some deflector-fitted photos are for display purposes only. You will receive a pair of deflectors in CLEAR color.

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