Yamaha YS 125 Engine Guard + Rear rack set


Yamaha YS 125 Engine Guard Crash Bar + Rear Rack Luggage Carrier Set

We've paired engine guard and rear rack together for Yamaha YS 125.


Engine Guard Details:

Fits 2017 – 2020 model years

Tubular construction

Protects the engine of your bike and riders knees in the event of a tip over, fall or slide

Net weight: 2.5 KG

Color black

Including fitting kit

Easy to fit

No fitting instruction

Free UK shipping

UK seller UK stock

Suitable for driving schools


Rear Rack Luggage Carrier Details:

Fits 2017-2020 model year

Manufactured from high quality metal

Painting: texture powder

Luggage/storage box can be installed on it

Easy installation without instructions (No fitting instruction)

Free UK delivery

UK seller, UK stock

Metal wall thickness 3 mm

Net weight 2.3 KG

Maximum Weight capacity: 5 KG



Normally you do not need to drill the rear rack while fitting the plate, however for some specific position you may need to drill the rack as seen on photos.

If necessary please use washer for the rack installation to allow the appropriate position.

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