SYM JET14 50-125-200 clear 65 cm windscreen covers hand 17-21


SYM JET14  50-125-200 clear 65 cm windscreen covers hand

Height: 65 cm, Thickness 3.5 mm

Color clear

Fits between 2017-2021

4 mm thickness, made of high impact acrylic

Better wind protection for more comfortable ride

Protect riders from the wind, thrown-up rocks, debris, and bugs

Heightening for better head protection rider safety

Durable to ultraviolet light

Resistant to scratch

The touring windscreen developed in the wind tunnel to improve stability, safety, aerodynamics and comfort compared to the original one

The angular shape in its central part and the air duct facilitate the redirection to both sides of the rider, minimizing turbulence

Free Uk delivery, Uk seller Uk stock

European made

No fitting instruction

All pre-drilled and ready to install

Including fitting bracket and fitting kit

Notice for fitting:

1) Before fitting screen to your bike, make sure all brackets are fitted to onto your bike first. Do not try to fit screen at first. 2) Left and right bracket needs to be attached to the bike, than after install the middle bracket between left and right.  3) Make sure 3 metal brackets fitted to the bike before mount the screen. 4) Please fit the screen onto already mounted bracket.

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